Cost estimate for the renovation

The entire modification and repair work is estimated to cost approximately EUR 4.6 million. In the project, the building will be examined, all previous renovations made in the 1970s will be demolished and the house will be practically rebuilt. The final budgets will be confirmed in 2021. The current budgets have been drawn up on the basis of existing plans. Minna Canthin talo ry acts as the developer and is responsible for raising the funding.

Kiinteistö Oy Minna Canthin katu 20-22 is responsible for the construction project and will maintain Kanttila in the future in accordance with the operating principles of responsible construction and real estate business.

Financing the renovation

Minna Canthin talo ry has tried to raise funding, but so far, apart from the wonderful donations and research funding, it has not been possible to secure actual funding for construction.

The financing of the construction of Kanttila will consist of many parties. The Ministry of Education and Culture sees the project as of national significance. The appropriations for the establishment and renovation of state cultural spaces may cover some of the construction costs of the project, which can result in a state contribution of 30%. No state subsidy is granted for the parts destined for business activities.

The state subsidy constitutes an incentive for the municipality or a foundation. The role of municipalities in enabling the work of cultural spaces and professionals in art and science is significant. In the case of Kanttila, this would mean that once the funding consisting of several sources is complete, the state grant may be granted provided that the Ministry has the appropriation earmarked for that purpose and the project complies with other conditions of the Ministry’s renovation appropriation. Renovation appropriations cannot be allocated for preparation and planning.

Financing of the activities

Minna Canth -academy is responsible for Kanttila’s art and science programme, residency activities and events together with its networks.

Minna’s support services are responsible for Kanttila’s café and rental operations, production service and facility services. Support functions are also offered to local art institutions, associations and art professionals.

Come and support Kanttila!

There is still a lot of work to be done in Kanttila, so there are many ways for you to support the project. In addition to direct donation, supporter membership and purchase of support products, you can come and volunteer for Kanttila. There are also plenty of projects for students.

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