The Association of the Minna Canth House aims to implement extensive repair and renovation work at Kanttila and save it for further use.
The building is known by the names ‘’Kanttila’’ and ‘’The House of Minna Canth’’, and it is a valuable part of Kuopio’s cultural history.
1. Artistic and cultural purposes
2. Residential purposes
3. Potential of cultural tourism

Minna Canth (1844-1879) was a writer, journalist, businesswoman, single-parent and a mother of a large family. She was also a strong social influencer whose life’s work played a major role in developing Finland as a forerunner in education and equality. Canth was the first Finnish woman to have her own national flag day designated in the calendar on March 19. The date marks her birthday and also celebrates equality in society

The Minna Canth House, also known as Kanttila, is located in Kuopio. It is a building of historical and cultural value that was home to Minna Canth. She lived in Kanttila from 1853 to 1863 and again, when she was widowed, from 1880 to 1897. It was also a shop and a meeting place where civilization was defended and equality promoted.

Today, Kanttila is being neglected and the house of Minna Canth is slowly falling apart. For this reason, we are now renovating Kanttila. At the heart of all Minna’s work was freedom and equality,  which remains the most important legacy for us today too!

Kanttila, the home of Minna Canth, will offer a residence for cultural community activities in the center of Kuopio. It will also be an interesting travel destination full with culture and historical value.

Kanttila will serve as a residence and a co-working workspaces for artists and researchers. With its multifunctional space, it will offer 7  different rooms. In addition to residency facilities, Kanttila offers workspaces and meeting rooms.

Kanttila will also provide a Cafe where you can find art exhibitions and desk for further information about Minna Canth. Common spaces will adapt to various events at different times of the day. Long live the magnificent history of Minna Canth in Kanttila!

Tiny live & digi studio will me built in the attic, a roomtheatre-space full of new technic, where small performances and concerts will be performed. And seen all over the world!

Minna’s cozy garden will also come to life!

he Association of the Minna Canth House is a non-profit association. The association owns the property and it will manage and co-ordinate all the operations. The association will continue negotiations to build future partnerships and find sponsorships, it is estimated that the renovation will cost EUR 4 million.

The building renovation project will be implemented in collaboration with Savo Vocational College, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and other future partners. At each stage, students will work alongside professionals. The project is demanding, no doubt, and it will offer a wide range of job opportunities for professionals

Founded in 2016, The Association of the Minna Canth House aims to implement extensive repair and renovation work at Kanttila and save it for the future use! Building Historical Survey (RHS) is implemented by Hannu Puurunen Architects, Lapinlahti, main architect is Arto Mattila.

Minna Canth, photo taken on her 50th birthday by Viktor Barsokevitsch in his studio in Kuopio. March 19 celebrates the birth of Minna Canth. It is a national flag day celebrating equality in society in addition to Minna Canth’s trailblazing and stereotype-breaking work as a writer and journalist.

Minna Canth was born in 1844 and today she is considered one of the most influential playwrights and realist prosaists in the history of the Finnish language. She was also the first Finnish-speaking female journalist. Canth rose to fame in the late 19th century as a writer, intellectual and devout women’s rights advocate.

In her writing, Minna Canth tackled difficult issues such as poverty, class, unhappy marriages and infanticide. The play The Worker’s Wife is considered one of her most iconic pieces. Since then, Finland has taken massive leaps forward in terms of gender equality. Finnish women were the first in Europe to be given the right to vote and run for parliament over a hundred years ago in 1906 (   

On International Women’s Day, The Economist ranked Finland the fourth best place to be a working woman in its glass-ceiling index. This means women in Finland are more likely than men to have a university degree, and have better representation in company boards and politics than in other OECD countries. There’s still a lot to be done, however.

Minna Canth lived in Kanttila in her youth 1853-1863 and later as a widow from 1879 until her death. Kanttila served not only as her home, but also as a yarn shop and a general merchandise store. But most of all, it hosted famous discussion ranging from cultural affairs to issues on women’s role in the society, they were visited by many cultural influencers such as Juhani Aho, Jean Sibelius and Akseli Gallen-Kallela, to mention but a few.

The business was continued until 1974 by Minna Canthin Perilliset Oy. After that, the property’s ownership and purpose have varied greatly. The House has been modified with a heavy hand depending the needs of the architecture at the time.In 2003, the facade was finally protected. However, the interiors had already been heavily modified to serve as an office space, so today, the whole building will need to be rebuilt.

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