Minna Canth -academy project

The Minna Canth -academy project is a five-year development plan during which an action programme will be created for the Kanttila Cultural Centre. In addition to the organisation and content development of the activities, the project also includes the preparation and consolidation of the academy’s funding model.

The aim is that Kanttila is an interesting and attractive centre of culture and a thought-provoking and innovative meeting place for people acting in the fields of art, science and culture. It is a central part of the Old-Kuopio concept, a well known place to visit and an alluring attraction.

Minna Canth -academy aims to be a major local, national and international player in art and science, especially from the perspective of equality and freedom of expression. The Minna Canth -academy creates opportunities for new openings in art and science and for civic activities.

Minna Canth -academy creates opportunities for working, networking and presenting to people in art and science in Eastern Finland and through its networks internationally. Minna Canth -academy designs, pilots and develops these operational programmes already during the transformation and repair work.

The goal is that the Minna Canth -academy’s operations will be able to start financially independently and in full measure when the transformation work of the Kanttila Cultural Centre is completed.

Achievement of the goals is measured by the content and the quantity regarding the action programme coming true. The progress of the project will be guided and evaluated by the project steering group and the Board of Directors of the Association of Minna Canth’s house.

Minna Canth -academy

Minna Canth’s legacy to us and future generations is first and foremost a legacy of freedom. Freedom means that everyone has the opportunity to be independent. Everyone must be independent of the mercy of others, regardless of gender, income level and other characteristics.

We have moved on as a nation, but we have also lost the understanding that freedom is not an advantage to be achieved. When the upholding of freedom ends, freedom ends. Minna’s legacy has not disappeared, but its cherishing and continuation lacks a home in Finland. Kanttila is the place where freedom is born and fought for. The doors are open and the roof is high for the visionaries who want to work for freedom.

Kanttila now needs funds for renovation. In the newly refurbished Kanttila, the work started by Minna continues. We all have a duty and a mission. It’s called freedom.

Operations of the academy

Minna Canthin talo ry is a non-profit association that aims to build Kanttila for the use of culture. After the completion of the transformation and repair work, the association will maintain the Minna Canth -academy in and out of Kanttila, which cherishes Minna Canth’s legacy by supporting activities related to freedom of expression and equality in various forms.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Minna Canth -academy will coordinate an international residency programme in Kanttila and offer art and cultural spaces suitable for residency throughout Eastern Finland. Residency operations are at the heart of Kanttila’s activities.

Minna Canth -academy consists of 1) Minna’s Home 2) Minna’s Stages 3) Minna’s Salon 4) Minna’s Networks.

1. Minna’s Home

Minna’s home offers seven accomodation rooms and five workspaces for residency activities. Its own residency programme focuses on themes of freedom of expression, human rights, equality and democracy, as well as the relationship between art and society. By focusing on these, Kanttila is building its international profile and standing out from other actors in the field.

In addition, the Minna Canth -academy and its networks and partners coordinate residency programmes. The rental premises are primarily aimed at art and science actors. All accomodation nights between residency periods are directed to the public market, tourists, or to be used as workspaces. Several options are offered for viewing the reservation status of the premises, renting and payment traffic.

2. Minna’s Stages

The rectangular 70 m2 Minna’s stages offer a performance, banquet and event space for 70 people in the attic. The space can host concerts, plays, poetry nights or events.

The repertoire can consist of visits, Minna Canth -academy’s own production or be produced with partners. The repertoire will be curated, programme selections will encourage new openings, and performance activities will also be available in English and Swedish.

The repertoire always includes a Minna Canth monologue, which can be ordered for events and parties, as well as an annual new adaptation of Canth’s play, Minna’s production or theme, etc.

Performances can be viewed live and at the same time via Minna’s channel. This can be achieved by building a control room in Kanttila, where the visual and sound professionals work. 

Minna Canth changed the world with her plays. Minna’s stages enable artists to carry out new job descriptions in various hybrid productions. In addition to traditional cultural activities, it offers the development of ways of using and doing art and science in digital environments.

3. Minna’s Salon

The famous Minna’s Salon 22m2 and the dining room 33m2 are staged as a unified, historical entity with books, pictures and AR technology. These rooms tell the history of Minna Canth, equality and freedom of speech. The completely unique visiting places are open all year round and can be used by the public with an entrance ticket to the exhibition space or can be rented for private use. As a part of the Minna’s Salon exhibition ticket, a programme related to Minna Canth will be organised in Kanttila on an agreed schedule.

4. Minna’s Networks

Through Minna’s Networks, culture is implemented very widely from Kanttila. Kanttila’s network includes numerous actors providing residency services. In addition to art, science and residency operations, activities in the Old Kuopio region include events, celebrations, seminars, meetings, studies, etc.

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There is still a lot of work to be done in Kanttila, so there are many ways for you to support the project. In addition to direct donation, supporter membership and purchase of support products, you can come and volunteer for Kanttila. There are also plenty of projects for students.

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