Kanttila residence rooms are named after Minna Canth’s children’s first names. Anni (16 m2), Elli (17 m2), Hanna (17 m2), Maiju (19 m2), Jussi (19 m2), Pekka (19 m2), Lyyli (34 m2, unobstructed). The rooms can also be rented for short-term accommodation.

The furnished rooms have a private bathroom and a kitchenette. They are suitable for diverse cultural use, with the exception of activities with strong odors, loud noises or fire. In addition to these, other facilities are coordinated from Kanttila. The premises are rented for art and science activities and also for the free market, which means that you could also stay in Kanttila! Or you could rent the whole house, throw a party, a writing camp, a Christmas market…!

Professionally produced residency activities that build a sense of community and operate internationally are one of the most important ways to develop the mobility of art and science, as well as to develop operating conditions. The residency also offers support functions for existing art institutions, local cultural associations and art professionals.

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