Minna Canth academy project is a five-year development plan, during which a plan of action for cultural centre Kanttila is formed. Besides the organization of activities/operations and content development, it’s essential to the project to prepare and establish the academy’s funding model.

The objective is to make Kanttila, the house of freedom, an interesting and enticing cultural centre, and a thought provoking and creative meeting place for arts, science and culture operatives. It is a central part of the Old Kuopio concept, a well-known site and alluring attraction.

The aim of Minna Canth academy is to become a significant local, national and international operative in the field of arts and sciences, especially from the viewpoint of equality and freedom of speech. The Academy creates new possibilities for arts, science and civil activities.  

The academy will create possibilities for working, networking and presenting for operatives in arts and science in Eastern-Finland and globally through networking. The Minna Canth academy plans, coordinates and develops these operations already during the renovation project of Kanttila. 

The goal is that Minna Canth academy’s work can fully begin financially independent after the renovation work in Kanttila is done in 2025. Academy’s current first phase goal is to have an action programme with funding and function plans. 

Achievement of the goals is measured by the content and quantity regarding the action programme coming true. The Association of Minna Canth’s house’s board is in charge of guiding and evaluation of the project.