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MINNA CANTH (1844-1897)

Minna Canth (1844 – 1897) was a single-parent of seven children, businesswoman, writer, women’s rights advocate and a social activist. She lived in Kanttila in her youth 1853 – 1863 and later as a widow from 1980 until her death, year 1897. Minna Canth was the reformer of Finnish literature as well as the pioneer of realism. She was also the first Finnish-speaking female journalist. Many of her works of fiction are Finnish literary classics.

Minna Canth’s lifework plays a major role in Finland developing into a forerunner in education and equality. The topic is still relevant. Finland has gained repeated success in PISA education survey and the female majority Government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin quickly made the headlines also in international media. 19th of March, the birthday of Minna Canth, is a national flag day celebrating Canth and equality in society.  Minna Canth is the first Finnish woman to have her own flag day, which has been celebrated since 2007.

“Life is a battle, a wonderful battle.”

-Minna Canth