Project Description


Kanttila’s principal designers:

Historic building survey ( 2020): Specialist architect  Hannu Puurunen and M.A. Eeva Martikainen
Architectural plans (2020-): Architect office Arto Mattila, Architects Arto Mattila and Miina Tolonen
Developer consultant engineer (2021-):  Jari Piippo
from engineering office Savon Kosteus and Kunto Oy
Electrical wiring design (2021-): Juha -Pekka Nissinen, JP Company,
HVAC-planning  (2021-): Tommi Hyvärinen, Entek Oy,
Work manager (2016-): Harry Dunkel Association of Minna Canth´s house
Project leader (2016-): Anja Lappi

Architectural concepts ( 2018-2019):
Planning- and architectural office Partanen & Lamusuo Heikki Lamusuo, Jaana Partanen,

Co-operation with Savonia applied science and Savo vocational college (2017-:
Several projects: Service design, graphic design,  architect design

Co-operation with University of Eastern Finland

Association of Minna Canth´s house 2020-2022
Conductor Atso Almila, Chairman
Atte von Wright, emeritus professor of Eastern Finland
Seppo Karvinen, lawyer
Jaana Turunen, Master of Music, enrenepeuer ( Maestra)
Harry Dunkel, DI