Year 2021

Opetusneuvos Hilja Vilkemaan Stipendisäätiö sr, 3.000 €

For the renovations of Minna Canth’s house.

Kansan Sivistysrahasto 28.600 €, sisältäen Kalevalasäätiö 5.000 €

Fundraising was performed in website.

Year 2019

Taiteen edistämiskeskus, 5 000 €

Execution of residency demand report.

Jaakko Rustanius (Helsinki) was selected to perform the report.

Suomen Kulttuurirahaston Pohjois-Savon rahasto, 30 000 €

Execution of the historic building survey and planning the operations model for Kanttila.

Historic building survey was made by Hannu Puurunen ja Eeva Martikainen.

Taiteen edistämiskeskus, 8 000 €

Execution of Austrian Nesterval -groups’ immersive performance Anna-Liisa in the yard of the Old Kuopio museum.

In collaboration with ANTI-festival Kuopio.

Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, 15 000 €

Implementing Kanttilasta Kuoppijjoon -workshops to be part of future Kanttila’s program selection. 

In collaboration with non fiction writer, Finnish and literature teacher Terhi Laitinen.

Museovirasto, 12 000 €

For the execution of the first professional historic building survey of Kanttila.

Year 2018

Maija ja Jukka Pitkänen, 5 000 €

Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, 20 000 €

Executing the building survey, planning the operations model and concept for Kanttila.

Design and architecture firm Partanen and Lamusuo was selecter to execute the conceptual design.

Year 2017

Cosmopolis Oy, 10 000 €

For starting the planning and operation of Kanttila. 

KPY, 33 000 €

For starting the operations of the Association of Minna Canth’s house.

Kuopion kaupunki, 50 000 €

For starting the operations of the Association of Minna Canth’s house and buying Kanttila.

Taiteilija Anu Tuominen, 1 400 €

Artist Anu Tuominen donated the profits of her artwork (Minna Canth, Työmiehen vaimo) sold in an auction, to the Association of Minna Canth’s house. The project and exhibition which connected literature and modern art culminated in an auction of the artworks made for the covers of classic books held by WSOY and Helsinki Contemporary’s on 17.12.2017.

Matti Sariola, 7 000 €

Oi Mikä Ihana Ilta -Fundraising concert.

Minna Canth’s school’s music teacher, musician Matti Sariola’s retirement concert.  Matti Sariola gathered his former students, current professionals of music, and held an awesome concert in the concert hall of Kuopio Music Centre on 2.12.2017.

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