The exhibition is open in summer 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00, more details will be announced later.

Kanttila is 200 years old from the oldest part of the building. The Kanttila 200 exhibition tells the stages of Kanttila’s building in pictures and words, ignores Minna Canth’s life and her life’s work, and presents Kanttila’s renovation and repair work and the future Kanttila, Kulttuurikeskus! The stunning construction history study of Kanttila, completed in the spring of 2020, took the place where Minna Canth kept the famous Salonki and entertained her guests, such as composer Jean Sibelius and author Juhani Ahoa in her dining room. The building history report has been prepared by Eeva Mertanen and Hannu Puurunen, M.Sc., from Hannu Puurunen Architects.

Minna Canth’s (1844 – 1897) house, Kanttila, is located right in the center of Kuopio on the edge of Snellman Park, only a 5-minute walk from the market square. This culturally and historically significant building was Minna Canth’s home, a meeting place, and walls within which equality was defended. Canth lived in Kanttila in her youth from 1853 to 1863 and again as a widow from 1880 until her death in 1897.

Minna Canth was a single parent of seven children, a merchant, a writer, a female advocate and a social activist. She was a reformer of our literature and a pioneer of Finnish realism, as well as the first Finnish-language newspaper woman. Many of his works of fiction are classics of Finnish literature. Come and get acquainted with the Kanttila project and the amazing arc that Minna Canth’s life’s work has had on Finland’s development as a pioneer country in education and equality. And how the topic is still relevant in many countries. From year to year, Finland has been at the forefront of the PISA survey, and Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s female-majority government has also aroused interest in the international media.

Canth’s birthday on March 19 is Equality Day and National Flag Day. Minna Canth is the first Finnish woman to have her own flagging day. Flagging Day has been celebrated since 2007.

There is a voluntary entrance fee to the exhibition. Entrance is from Kuninkaankatu 15, the exhibition is located in two rooms, Minna s Salon and Minna s Dining Room.


+358 44 973 2029
(Did you know that Minna Canth’s phone number was 29?)