1. Guided artwalks in the city Kanttila. VB photographic centre, Art museum and Market place.
The Minna Canth House, also known as Kanttila, is located in the center of Kuopio. It is a building of historical and cultural value that was home to Minna Canth.
– 1,5 hour

2. Minna´s Puijo, guided walk to Puijo
Tour 1: For Adults. 1,5 hours, easy. Possibility to visit Puijo Tower and cafeteria.
Tour 2: For Children & Families. Possibility to visit Puijo Tower and cafeteria.
Tour 3: For Adults, heavy: There is a route from Puijo Tower where can continue to Puijon Nokka, where you can have a break at wicket and enjoy coffee at campfire. From there you can also take bus back to Market Square of Kuopio.

Puijo is located  in the middle of the city of Kuopio. We walk from the Kuopio travel center to the Puijo nature reserve, by old Puijo hiking path to Puijo tower, where you can have a break before walking back to city. In Puijo forests you can  enjoy the ancient primeval forest and hear, surrounded by paths and mosses, why Puijo was such a beloved source of inspiration for Minna Canth.

Minna Canth (1844-1879) was a writer, journalist, businesswoman, single-parent and a mother of a large family. She was also a strong social influencer whose life’s work played a major role in developing Finland as a forerunner in education and equality. Canth was the first Finnish woman to have her own national flag day designated in the calendar on March 19.’

Puijo’s nature conservation was required at the end of the 19th century, but the first protected area was founded in 1928. Puijo hill and Puijo Tower on its top are Kuopio’s most famous tourist attractions. The first tower in Puijo opened in 1856. The current tower dates back to 1963.

Guided tours: 20 € / person, children 7 € (5-17 years old)  (Min. fee 190 €)
Presentations: 200 € + travel costs

Tickets: www.minnanpuoti.fi